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Workshops are excellent opportunities for participants to get equipped in specialized fields that relate to the overall theme ‘Your Kingdom Come’ and the focus on holistic disciple-making. There will be a total of four workshop sessions in the schedule (A, B, C and D) and participants will be able to choose one for each session.

The following list is an overview of the various workshops and more are still being added over the coming weeks:


A1 – Activating Holistic Disciple Making in Community (Outside the Church Walls)

Learn how to make disciples outside of the church walls. Practitioners will share effective local church level and nation-wide models for communities, cities and nations (including discipleship models and stories from Watoto Church and from National Fellowship of Born Again Pentecostal Churches of Uganda, who intentionally and strategically disciple their communities and nations).

Facilitators: Dr. Bob Moffitt and Rev. Esmé Bowers

A2 – Holistic Disciple Making and the Effective Functioning of National Alliances

Training up disciples in families, churches, communities, workplaces, arts/media, education and government are critical to the gospel role of National Alliances. This event will discuss strategies how holistic disciple making contribute toward the building of inter-generational and cross-gender leadership teams for your National Alliance and organizations. Participate in the ground floor development of the Global Institute of Leadership (GIL) to discover how to assess and improve National Alliance effectiveness through on-going Virtual Peer Learning Communities and regional events after the General Assembly.

Facilitator: Dr. Brad Smith

A3 – Evangelicals and Intrafaith Cooperation: Developments in Intergenerational Holistic Disciple Making

The newer generation of interaction among the several branches of Christianity is beginning to move beyond talking to each other about each other toward jointly addressing common problems faced by all varieties of Christians, such as religious persecution and the ethics of religious persuasion. The most dramatic step taken by new younger generation has come from Turkey, where representatives of the four historic branches of Christianity (Evangelical, Roman Catholic, Orthodox, and Oriental Orthodox) have jointly published an entire book in Turkish and in English in which they proclaim basic Christian truth claims for all the world to read. This is an attempt at the next step in proclaiming and living the Kingdom of God.

Facilitators: Dr. Thomas K. Johnson and Rhesa Sigarlaki

A4 – Holistic Disciple Making and the Church’s Public Engagement 

Discussion on the strategies for Holistic Disciple Making in public arena, politics, and establishing justice.

Facilitator: Dr. Corneliu Constaneatin 

A5 – Holistic Disciple Making in the Market Place (Business and the Professional World)

Discover how holistic disciple making can happen in a business and for-profit environment and explore the theology behind it.

Facilitators: Dr. Yoon-Hee Kim and Rev. Timo Plutschinski

A6 – Holistic Disciple Making and Inter-Religious and Interfaith Conversations

In the New Testament, dialogue is the default way of intergenerational disciple making and for presenting Christ to people of other versions of the Christian faith and to people of other religions, not large events with others just listening to us. A sophisticated presentation of one’s own belief in dialogue encounter and a culture of listening to others, learning from others, engaging with others, are not inclusive, but belong together. Examples of best practice will lead to some guidelines WEA is following.

Facilitators: Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher and Dr. Nikolay Nedelchev



B1 – Building Healthy Leaders at All Levels of Your Organization

The generational succession of leadership is already happening. The next generation is already building on the foundation that their spiritual mothers and fathers laid. The only question is: how well will they build? How well have we prepared them to build? The generational succession of leadership is not just a passing on of principles and knowledge. It’s not just a passing on of structures and systems, and forms and traditions. It must be a passing on of life! Learn how to build a culture of generational succession. Discover inter-generational leadership models to build healthy leaders at all levels.

Facilitator: Malcolm Webber of LeaderSource

B2 – Holistic Disciple Making and Peace-Building & Reconciliation

Discover strategies and models for holistic disciple making in the process of peace-building, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Facilitator: Dr. Johannes Reimer

B3 – Focusing on the language of HDM Vocabularies and Domain: Holistic Disciple Making New HDM Vocabularies and Domain: Mission, Evangelism, Church Planting

Explore the role of language in the communication of key terms in evangelicalism such as “Mission, Evangelism and Church planting.” Learn more about how the Jakarta Manifesto and the relevant study material forms the basis for participants to develop the language for mission, evangelism and church planning.

Facilitators:Dr. Lin Peirong and Dr. Bertil Ekström

B4 – Holistic Disciple Making with Family and Children

This is our clarion call to the global WEA leadership to restore the culture of home disciple-making in the body of Christ. Prevailing church disciple-making culture focuses heavily on personal spiritual growth within the church community with serious lack of attention on the condition of the home.

In this workshop, we seek to challenge the participants to focus on discipleship of the next generation, explain the ‘why’ of home disciple-making, identify the role of the church I supporting disciple-making in the home, encourage participants to make a practical and committed response to the call for home disciple-making.

Facilitators: Menchit Wong and Pastor Matthew Ling

B5 – Holistic Disciple Making and Creative Media, Internet and Digital Technology

The 2020’s will be one of the greatest battles in the history of the Church. It will be a battle over the minds of an entire generation, as a virtual cocoon wraps itself around our children and youth, even as they are in our hands, homes, and churches. What radical actions will be required by the Church around the world to win this battle?

Facilitator: Mark McClendon 

B6 – Holistic Disciple Making for the Persecuted Church

This workshop seeks to examine the correlation between persecution and discipleship, and analyze the myth that all persecution brings growth to the church. 

In some contexts, persecution has completely destroyed the church. What then are the vital ingredients or factors which influence the growth of churches in persecuted contexts? Accordingly, we will explore the importance of holistic disciple-making in building healthy and resilient churches in persecuted contexts.

Facilitator: Godfrey Yogarajah


C1 – Models of Inter-Generational Leadership in Church, Organization and Networks

Discover why Gen Z is to disrupt the current methodical structures in a greater way than the Millennials did. Learn who the different generations are and how each can add significant individual and collaborative value to your church, organization and network. The future belongs to healthy multi-generational work environments.

Facilitator: Adriaan Adams of Generation INDEX

C2 – Evangelical Identity for the Millennial, Gen Z, and Gen. Alpha 
The greatest missiological challenge facing the church today is the cultural gap between our churches and the next generation. This workshop will present current global research on both Millennials and Gen Z, provide analysis on the challenges the global church faces in effectively engaging both generational cohorts, and offer innovative ways forward to address these challenges. The workshop will present both primary and secondary research on these critical generational cohorts, as well as the church’s engagement with these cohorts. Innovative strategies will be proposed and discussed with clear actionable opportunities for church leaders to innovate the strategies they are using to disciple the next generation.
Facilitator: Dr. Chad Causey

C3 – Activating the Youth (Gen Z and Alpha) to Spearhead the Fulfillment of the Great Commission

Learn evidence-based models of the inter-generational disciple making journey among the youth.  Building leadership capacity of the youth and teens while partnering with them in fulfilling the Great Commission. Discover effective strategies for coaching and mentoring teens and youth.

Facilitator: Unleashed Leadership Team

C4 – Training for Disciple Makers

Becoming A Disciple-Maker’s applied ministry practicum is currently being made available in its digital format through a global grant to Great Commission-minded Christian seminaries, universities, and Bible colleges. This strategic disciple-making initiative is being taken in partnership with the WEA, BGEA’s training ministry at The Cove, and the International Evangelism Association. Our breakout session will explain the widely used life-to-life training process plus report on the spiritual multiplication results. The semester’s overview and all related complementary practicum texts, by leading authors, will be given to breakout session participants.

Facilitators: Dr. Joseph Shao and Dr. Billie Hanks

C5 – Holistic Disciple Making among  Forcibly Displaced People 
Discover the opportunities that God is presenting within the 70+ million forcibly displaced people and refugees. Explore ways to come along side what refugee churches are doing in holistic discipleship making.
Facilitators: Refugee Highway Partnership 

C6 – Disciple Making Church Movement

As the WEA heads into the 2020-2030 Decade of Disciple-Making, four issues are critical:

  1. Definitions of disciple and disciple-making… going beyond discipling new converts to discipling/mentoring/pastoring of pastors and leaders.
  2. Enabling large networks (like National Evangelical Alliances, NEAs) and smaller ones (like their members) catalyze their members in disciple-making. Indicating models, tools, trainers, resources and networks.
  3. A clear picture of the final product, healthy disciple-making churches, building on the WEA’s strategic working group in this area.
  4. Catalyzing disciple-making multiplying church movements with platform churches, and multiple denominational and city-wide models.

Facilitator: David Kornfield



D1 – Galatians 2:10 – Biblical Theology & Modern Praxis

When commissioning the Apostle Paul, the Jerusalem Council only asked him to do one thing – something that Paul said he was already eager to do! Join us to reflect on why Galatians 2:10 still speaks to us today and learn some practical approaches that churches and other ministries can use to serve the poor through integral mission.

Facilitators: Compassion & TearFund

D2 – #Gospel: Contextualization of the Gospel and Discipleship to the Next Generation

This workshop centers on assisting global leaders with strategy and methodology for sharing the gospel and making disciples in ways that engage and resonate with the next generation.

Facilitators: #Gospel

D3 – The Kingdom Leadership Model: Fathering Beyond Discipleship

Facilitators: R.O.C.K Ministry in Bali

D4 – Making Disciples and Bringing Hope When the World Sorely Needs It – Standing with the Most Vulnerable Children

How does a transformational Kingdom response through holistic discipleship look like in a time such as this? This workshop will inspire you with exciting practical examples of how local churches are already doing this, and it will provide you with engaging opportunities to help most vulnerable children in the world’s hardest places to experience life in all its fullness.

Facilitators: World Vision International with Lausanne Children-at-Risk group, Micah Global, and WEA

D5 – 4/14 Window: Nurturing the Child’s God Awareness through Holistic Discipleship
We all want to see the ‘Now Generation’ ignited to change the world. We want to help every child live the dream of God for their lives. Come join us, the 4/14 Global Movement, as we share the strategy to reach, rescue, root and release this emerging generation during the developmental window between the ages of 4 and 14, when a child’s spiritual identity is being formed.

Facilitators: 4/14 Window


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