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Workshops are excellent opportunities for participants to get equipped in specialized fields that relate to the overall theme ‘Your Kingdom Come’ and the focus on holistic disciple-making. There will be a total of four workshop sessions in the schedule (A, B, C and D) and participants will be able to choose one for each session.

The following list is an overview of the various workshops and more are still being added over the coming weeks:


A1 – Activating Holistic Disciple Making in Community (Outside the Church Walls)

Learn how to make disciples outside of the church walls. Practitioners will present effective local church level and nation-wide models for communities, cities and nations.

Facilitators: Dr. Bob Moffitt and Rev. Esmé Bowers

A2 – Holistic Disciple Making and the Effective Functioning of National Alliances

Training up disciples in families, churches, communities, workplaces, arts/media, education and government are critical to the gospel role of National Alliances. This event will discuss strategies how holistic disciple making contribute toward the building of inter-generational and cross-gender leadership teams for your National Alliance and organizations. Participate in the ground floor development of the Global Institute of Leadership (GIL) to discover how to assess and improve National Alliance effectiveness through on-going Virtual Peer Learning Communities and regional events after the General Assembly.

Facilitator: Dr. Brad Smith

A3 – Coming Soon

A4 – Coming Soon

A5 – Holistic Disciple Making in the Market Place (Business and the Professional World)

Discover how holistic disciple making can happen in a business and for-profit environment and explore the theology behind it.

Facilitators: Dr. Yoon-Hee Kim and Rev. Timo Plutschinski

A6 – Holistic Disciple Making and Inter-Religious and Interfaith Conversations

Explore the forms and approaches to inter-generational disciple making in the context of inter-religious relations and interfaith dialogue, and how Christ’s uniqueness can guide our intra- and inter-religious engagement in a pluralistic society.

Facilitators: Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher and Dr. Nick Nedelchev



B1 – Building Healthy Leaders at All Levels of Your Organization

The generational succession of leadership is already happening. The next generation is already building on the foundation that their spiritual mothers and fathers laid. The only question is: how well will they build? How well have we prepared them to build? The generational succession of leadership is not just a passing on of principles and knowledge. It’s not just a passing on of structures and systems, and forms and traditions. It must be a passing on of life! Learn how to build a culture of generational succession. Discover inter-generational leadership models to build healthy leaders at all levels.

Facilitator: Malcolm Webber of LeaderSource

B2 – Holistic Disciple Making and Peace-Building & Reconciliation

Discover strategies and models for holistic disciple making in the process of peace-building, conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Facilitator: Dr. Johannes Reimer

B3-B6 – Coming soon



C1 – Models of Inter-Generational Leadership in Church, Organization and Networks

Discover why Gen Z is to disrupt the current methodical structures in a greater way than the Millennials did. Learn who the different generations are and how each can add significant individual and collaborative value to your church, organization and network. The future belongs to healthy multi-generational work environments.

Facilitator: Adriaan Adams of Generation INDEX

C2 – Coming Soon

C3 – Activating the Youth (Gen Z and Alpha) to Spearhead the Fulfillment of the Great Commission

Learn evidence-based models of the inter-generational disciple making journey among the youth.  Building leadership capacity of the youth and teens while partnering with them in fulfilling the Great Commission. Discover effective strategies for coaching and mentoring teens and youth.

Facilitator: Unleashed Leadership Team

C4 – Training for Disciple Makers

Becoming A Disciple-Maker’s applied ministry practicum is currently being made available in its digital format through a global grant to Great Commission-minded Christian seminaries, universities, and Bible colleges. This strategic disciple-making initiative is being taken in partnership with the WEA, BGEA’s training ministry at The Cove, and the International Evangelism Association. Our breakout session will explain the widely used life-to-life training process plus report on the spiritual multiplication results. The semester’s overview and all related complementary practicum texts, by leading authors, will be given to breakout session participants.

Facilitators: Dr. Joseph Shao and Dr. Billie Hanks

C5 – Coming soon

C6 – Disciple Making Church Movement

As the WEA heads into the 2020-2030 Decade of Disciple-Making, four issues are critical:

  1. Definitions of disciple and disciple-making… going beyond discipling new converts to discipling/mentoring/pastoring of pastors and leaders.
  2. Enabling large networks (like National Evangelical Alliances, NEAs) and smaller ones (like their members) catalyze their members in disciple-making. Indicating models, tools, trainers, resources and networks.
  3. A clear picture of the final product, healthy disciple-making churches, building on the WEA’s strategic working group in this area.
  4. Catalyzing disciple-making multiplying church movements with platform churches, and multiple denominational and city-wide models.

Facilitator: TBC



Workshops D1-D6 coming soon.