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WEA GA Pledge

WEA General Assembly 2019
Our Pledge – Holistic Disciple-making


The cry of our hearts is ‘Your Kingdom Come’ (Matthew 6:10; Matthew 24:14).  We are praying, yearning, longing for God’s Kingdom to be manifested on earth.

Evangelicals make up 25 percent of the world’s 2.2 billion Christians, and our unified voice can make a great difference. The WEA envisions a decade where the existing momentum of national evangelical alliances and numerous issue networks will be synergized and leveraged to catalyze a spiritual transformation. Shaped by a common love and vision, evangelicals across the globe will pray and work together, empowered by the Spirit in bringing spiritual and societal renewal to their lands.

After much prayer and consultation with evangelical leaders across the globe, we commit ourselves to promoting the following principles as part of our pledge to intentional, holistic disciple-making, fulfilling the call that our Lord Jesus gave us some 2000 years ago.

1) Articulating evangelical essentials in the 21st century. Evangelical essentials are timeless, but how they are presented to others in society requires careful consideration. Sensitivity, intentionality and boldness are needed to transmit these essentials effectively.

2) Being authentic followers of Jesus. An authentic follower of Jesus follows Him personally and in community. Every Christ-follower should be engaging with others and inviting them into a journey of Christ-likeness in every area of their lives. Authentic followers reflect the image of God in who they are and all they do, as the fruit of sanctification, for God’s glory.

3) Intergenerational leadership. As different parts of the body of Christ, each generation offers unique gifts to advance the disciple-making effort. Congregations (and other communities and formations of Christ-followers) that incorporate the principle of intergenerational leadership make space for generational differences and capitalize collaboratively on the wisdom of members from each generation.

4) Global focus, national impact. Following Jesus takes place within the context of His body of believers—the church—locally, nationally and globally. Unity matters to the World Evangelical Alliance. This unity will be demonstrated in a shared focus on holistic disciple-making during the next decade. The WEA is committed to maximizing its effectiveness by establishing and building up National Alliances, strengthening its commissions, task forces, and initiatives, while simultaneously nurturing new and creative networks and movements to accelerate spiritual reformation.

Download the WEA GA Pledge including background explanations.