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Program Elements


Workshops are excellent opportunities for participants to get equipped in specialized fields that relate to the overall theme ‘Your Kingdom Come’ and the focus on holistic disciple-making. There will be a total of four workshop sessions in the schedule (A, B, C and D) and participants will be able to choose one for each session.

Table Group Discussions

Through the table group discussions, GA participants will have the opportunities to deeply engage and reflect on holistic disciple making, mission together with the younger generation and inter-generational leadership. The central goal of this activity is to shift the mindset of the participants toward making a commitment and practical actions to achieve these three desired outcomes for the 2019 General Assembly. A secondary objective of this activity is to strengthen the relationships across members of the Alliance toward greater synergy as they implement the action plans following the conference.

How table group discussions fit into the program:

1.    Table group discussions will be held for 20 minutes after each of the two morning plenary sessions on Day 1 and Day 2.

2.    The participants will also be encouraged to meet during meal times to pray for one another, share about their personal leadership and disciple making journeys, and build new friendships and connections.

3.    There will be 2 reflection questions during each of the table discussion.

a.    The first question will be related to the message of the preceding plenary session and its implication on  one of the conference’s goals (e.g., holistic disciple making journey, mission together with the younger generation, or inter-generational leadership).

b.    The second question will be related to a practical application of what they have personally learned from the plenary message