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Meetings & Networking Opportunities

The WEA General Assembly offers participants opportunities to network among themselves and organize their own meetings during meals or networking times. The following are opportunities that have been arranged by other GA participants. Please reach out to them or refer to the announcement board for more details:

A Discussion of How WEA, Integral Alliance, and Micah Global can Partner for Humanitarian Crisis Response and Prevention

4:30pm – 6pm, Tuesday, November 12
Location: TBA

WEA Humanitarian Advocacy, WEA Church in Community, Micah Global, and Integral Alliance are all engaged in equipping Alliances and local faith communities for a Biblically shaped response to those suffering from human and natural disasters, conflicts, and displacement. It is our desire to work effectively together with national alliances to more effectively equip the church for crisis preparedness, mitigation and response, and be better stewards of the resources God provides to help those in need. To that end, we invite interested delegates to join us in a conversation on how national alliances, Micah and Integral Alliance may best collaborate in our shared service to the church, effectively respond before, during and after a crisis.

RSVP to Dr.David Boan at [email protected] or in person at the GA.

Networking Conversations on Health Mission Network

Monday, November 11
Location: TBA

WEA, Micah and Lausanne are initiating a Health Mission Network to encourage and facilitate the role of the church in health, healthfulness, and healthcare. Join the networking conversations to learn more.