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Who Is Invited?


The WEA General Assembly is an invitation only event. Prospective participants need to represent various regions, be intergenerational and of mixed gender, meaning current elder and younger leaders. Leaders of various Global issues and causes from WEA commissions, networks and associate members will attend, and leaders from other global movements will also be invited.


Participants will come from WEA Members (National Alliances), Associate Members and Global Partners, Kingdom Network Leaders, Senior Leaders of other Global Movements.


In order to achieve the immediate and longer term goals of the General Assembly, it is critically important to bring a strengths-based team of leaders from each of the leadership sectors. In every group, there must be a mix of leaders with varied strengths such as:

  • Endorsers, or ‘decision makers’, who are the approving authority and direction-setters, normally composed of elder leaders;
  • Influencers, or ‘mobilizers’, who have the passion, social skill and ability to mobilize people and resources
  • Implementers, or ‘doers’, who will get the job done, and make the plans happen at all levels, especially on the ground.