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Greetings from Chairman of FIECI

Greetings from Indonesia in the name of Jesus, our Lord and Savior.

We are pleased to host the General Assembly of the World Evangelical Alliance in Indonesia. It is a great honor for Indonesia and especially for the Federation of Indonesia Evangelical Churches and Institutions to serve all the participants as the Host Committee.

Indonesia is a beautiful archipelago country consisting of more than 17.000 islands, with over 300 distinct native ethnic and 700 linguistic groups. A shared identity has developed, defined by a national language (Bahasa Indonesia), ethnic diversity, religious pluralism within a Muslim-majority population, and a history of colonialism and rebellion against it. Indonesia’s national motto, “Bhinneka Tunggal Ika” (Unity in Diversity, literally “many, yet one”) articulates the diversity that shapes the country.

Indonesians live in a midst of cultural diversity, so they are accustomed to being able to accept various differences. Indonesians are warm and friendly people, and will openly welcome the participants of this event.

Even though Indonesia is known as a nation with the largest Muslim population, the freedom to embrace a religion is guaranteed by the State through the Indonesian Constitution. There are 5 major official religions in Indonesia: Islam (87,2 %), Christianity (9,9 %), Hinduism (1,7 %), Buddhism (0,7 %) and Confucianism among the rest (0,2 %).

Lately, Christianity has grown and developed rapidly in Indonesia. This is because the fire of evangelism is burning within churches to spread the Gospel to the unreached people. At the same time, the unity and harmony among the churches remain strong.

WEA GA 2019 will serve as a momentum to learn from one another toward the fulfillment of the Great Commission. We hope that you will be blessed and equipped through this event, as we enter the new era of Evangelism and Discipleship in this emerging world.

Lastly, to be with you in Indonesia is such a great honor for us. We look forward to sharing some incredible moments together! Welcome to Indonesia!

Soli Deo Gloria


Rev. DR. Ronny Mandang, M.Th.

Chairman of Fellowship of Indonesian Evangelical Churches and Institutions

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