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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: From which date and until when is accommodation provided by the hosts?

A: The hosts will provide accommodations from November 6 until November 13. If you would like to arrive before the 6th or leave after the 13th, you will have to book any additional nights on your own.

Q2: Which hotel am I staying at?

A: We will soon provide this information to all participants.

Q3: Where will I register in Jakarta?

A: There will be registration desks in the hotel lobby area where you will be able to receive your room key, name badge and registration packet as well as pay any outstanding registration fee.

Q4: I have not paid in full yet, where can I make payment?

A: You will be asked to pay during the registration process when you arrive at your hotel. Payments are only accepted in CASH and in United States Dollars (USD).

Q5: Will there be tours?

A: Yes, the hosts have arranged for two tour options on Sunday that participants can choose from. Please note that they will be at your own cost. Click here for more information.

Q6: From which date and until when are meals provided by the hosts?

A: Meals are provided from November 7 dinner to November 13 breakfast. There is no meal provided on Sunday for lunch and dinner. However, if participants choose one of the tours or visit a church service, lunch may be included.

Q7: What should I do if my flight is delayed/cancelled?

A: If you experience a major delay or disruption during your travel, please contact us at xxxxx

Q8: What should I do in case of medical emergency?

A: Please seek medical help and let us know about your situation by contacting us at xxxxx

Q9: Where can I exchange currencies?

A: Money exchange services will be offered at the venue (SICC).

Q10: Is there a dress code?

A: Please dress formally or in your national dress for the Opening Ceremony. For the remainder of the General Assembly, the dress code is smart casual.

Q11: I don’t have a smartphone to view the GA app. How can I stay updated?

A: Information is also available through the microsite that can be accessed via computer and some information will be posted on announcement boards onsite. If you cannot access it, please approach a staff or volunteer onsite who will be happy to assist you.

Q12: Other Questions
Foward registration questions to: [email protected]
Forward general inquiries to: [email protected]