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Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher

Dr. Thomas Schirrmacher serves the World Evangelical Alliance as Associate Secretary General for Theological Concerns and as the Chair of its Theological Commission. He is also chair of the Theological Commission of the European Evangelical Alliance. He is Archbishop of the Communio Messianica, a church whose members are first generation Christians from Muslim background in 70 countries.

As President of the International Council of the International Society for Human Rights and as director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom, he regularly testifies in the parliaments and courts around the globe, the UN in Geneva and New York, Europe and the OSCE. He has visited most countries of the world and their governments and highest religious leaders. His has authored and edited 102 books, his newest including ‘Fundamentalism’, ‘Racism’, ‘Corruption’, ‘Human Rights’, ‘Suppressed Women’, and ‘Human Trafficking’.