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Dr. Billie Hanks Jr.

Dr. Billie Hanks Jr. is the founder of International Evangelism Association in 1972.

After serving for the Billy Graham Evangelism Association as an intern an a minister at large, he dedicated his time to personally discipling men who shared his passion for carrying out the Great Commission. Together, they developed specialized materials for spiritual multiplication through disciple-making. In 1970, he graduated from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary with a Master of Divinity Degree and subsequently received two honorary doctorates. His Christian literature and sacred music compositions have become religious best sellers.

Today he leads the Great Commission outreach of “Becoming A Disciple-Maker.” This relational equipping process is being used by denominations in numerous countries and languages. As a public Christian foundation, the International Evangelism Association also assists visionary Christian seminaries, Bible colleges, and universities with their digital courses on personal evangelism and disciple-making.