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Beyond Jakarta 2019

Make Disciples of All Peoples!
From an Event Into a Journey of Disciple-Making

The WEA General Assembly will be a unique event where leaders from across continents, generations, and diverse ministries come together with a shared desire for “Your Kingdom Come”. It is also the beginning of a multi-year journey to revitalize and realign the global evangelical community towards intentional disciple-making. The advancement of God’s Kingdom is intrinsically linked to the command that Jesus gave to His followers: “…make disciples of all nations…” (Mt 28:18 NIV). 

We are praying and striving for a transformational ripple-effect from the assembly across the WEA membership and beyond. The evangelical alliances will seek to champion a global culture of disciple-making and intergenerational leadership. To this end, a follow-up strategy is being developed to encourage and support participants, share tools, and provide a roadmap for measurable progress in implementing this vision. 
As the time grows closer to the assembly, we urge each participant to pray and seek God’s guidance not only for the event but, even more so, for the process that follows it. Each of us can be a catalyst for a movement of rediscovering what following Jesus in all areas of life and helping others to do the same is all about. 
To carry on the message of the assembly into a new season, the follow-up team is developing a series of equipping initiatives. These resources will include surveys, an online toolkit, and a communication plan. We are looking forward to the journey together as we all go and make disciples of all nations. 
Stay tuned for updates! 

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