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Anne Zaki

Anne is Assistant Professor at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Cairo, and has long been working to integrate her faith and her passion for social justice. She teaches preaching, spiritual formation, psychology, worship and communication.

Born in Cairo, Egypt, Anne was selected by the government at age 16 to attend an international school in Canada dedicated to peace and international understanding. Ever since, she has been cultivating a global perspective on life and faith, having served churches and church-related institutions in the US and Canada for 13 years. In September 2011, nine months after the Arab Spring, Anne returned to Egypt with her family, where she has spent the last six years teaching.

She has also spoken at gatherings like the Lausanne Movement’s Younger Leaders Gathering (YLG), the Global Consultation on Music and Missions (GCOMM), Missio Nexus, Urbana 18, and Wycliff President’s Forum.

Anne has a bachelor’s degree in psychology and sociology from Calvin College, a master’s in social psychology from the American University in Cairo, and an MDiv from Calvin Theological Seminary. She is currently pursuing a PhD in preaching from Fuller Theological Seminary.