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About Bogor

Welcome to Bogor!

Welcome to Bogor, the most attractive tourist city in Indonesia. With its beautiful mountain range with gorgeous plants and various animals, Bogor attracts tourists and travelers from all over the world.

As a city on the Java in the West Java region of Indonesia, Bogor is located at the center of the Bogor Regency, an hour away from Jakarta. Bogor used to be the capital city of Indonesia during the Dutch occupation. Nowadays, it has become an attractive vacation destination not only for the tourists but also for the people of Jakarta.

Bogor is called “The City of Rain” for a good reason: the climate is equatorial and more rainy and humid than the other regions of the West Java, so don’t forget to bring your umbrellas and raincoats!

In Bogor, Sundanese represents the majority of the population but there is also a great number of Javanese, Chinese and other ethnicities (mostly mixed cultures). Most of the people are fluent in the official language of the city – Indonesian.

English is not a dominant language but many in restaurants, hotels and local food stalls can speak basic English.
Visitors are sure to enjoy their stay as the people in Bogor are very friendly and open to help others. Just relax, be very polite, smile, and enjoy!

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